On March 21st, 2015 They Got Skills made history once again. Artists from all over the U.S flocked to NYC to perform at one of the big newest strip clubs in NYC Club Lit. There were artists from Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Up State NY, Atlanta and other parts of the US. There were approx 350 fans in attendance at the concert.

Hot97 DJ Magic and Jackthriller’s Janelle Glenn were the two judges for this All Star event. They judged based on 4 factors, Delivery, Stage Presence, Crowd Control and Originality. Majority of the performances were great! Who said Indie artists cannot put on a good show.

The Hip-Hop artists PRIIME won the grand prize, a Distribution Deal through Universal Music Group, Music Video, and 2 week promo on MTV. He is very excited and deserved the win hands down. His delivery was on point, content was of par and his stage presence…… let’s just say, HE KILLED THAT STAGE.

Shout out to all of the artists that performed. March 21st event at Club Lit was a great night all in all.

“If You Got Skills, PROVE IT!!”